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1 on 1



1 x 1 Life Coaching 

  • Sessions are 50 minutes

  • Meet Online via Zoom (In-person optional for clients in Savannah, GA)

  • Personalized, one-on-one coaching

Group Coaching 

  • Sessions are 90 minutes

  • Meet Online via Zoom 

  • Groups include 6 or more women

One-on-one coaching is completely personalized and based on your coaching goals. I tailor exercises, meditations and tools to your specific needs and learning style. Together, we'll dig deep to help you overcome not only the physical obstacles but the mindset blocks and fears that are holding you back and keep you stuck! If you want personalized accountability, strategy and self-care then this is the option for you! 

Group coaching has a magic all its' own. There is something incredibly special that happens when you bring together a group of heart-centered women in a safe and nonjudgmental space. You begin to see yourself in the stories of the other women. Their breakthroughs become your breakthroughs. This is where the bonds of authentic friendships are born.


Group coaching courses range from 6 weeks to 10 weeks depending upon the program. If you want fast, impactful and lasting transformation plus genuine connections with other heart-centered women, then group coaching is for you! 




In The Soul Purpose Academy you will learn all of the essential lessons to find your purpose. This curriculum has been carefully curated over four years to give you all of the essential lessons, strategies and tools that you need in order to discover your soul's purpose.


Curriculum Includes:

  • How to create an empowered mindset

  • Identify your strengths

  • Discover your sources of joy

  • Get clear on your core values

  • Create your ideal career vision




This program brings together heart-centered women who need a little extra help with accountability, procrastination and sticking to routines. We will gather online in a supportive, positive, nonjudgmental environment to help you achieve you goals!


If you're tired of procrastinating, playing small and feeling overwhelmed then this is the program for you.


Members receive 10, weekly group coaching calls, customized action steps to meet their goals. Groups are limited to 6 members to ensure that you get the personalized coaching and attention that you deserve.



Join the Free Community


Do you want to learn more about coaching but not sure where to start? 

Do you want to make genuine and authentic friendships with heart-centered women?

Do you want free trainings to fo find your purpose and reframe your mindset? 

Then the Heart-Centered Women Facebook Community is for you! 

Join more than 500 women to receive mentorship, free live trainings and connect with the kindest, most welcome group of women on the internet. 

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