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2017, The Year of Experimentation

I have to say I am really excited for 2017! Why? Because I have dubbed 2017, The Year of Experimentation!

That means that this year I am giving myself permission to try new things, lots of new things, when it comes to my business.

Committing to a year of experimentation gives me permission to be bold, to step of out of my comfort zone and even to use that dreaded F Word: failure. That might sound intimidating to some people but I view it as a huge relief...and a huge gift!

The Year of Experimentation gives me is the gift of not taking it personally.

As you might imagine, when you’re an entrepreneur it’s really important to try new things, get feedback, and pivot when needed. However, when are your brand (like I am) it can be hard not to take it all personally.

Shifting my perspective from personal to scientific gives me the distance that I need to look at my work more objectively. If I can reframe each launch, each blog post, and even each coaching session as an experiment then I can release myself from feeling so attached to it all. It allows me to get curious about the results of my experiments rather than attached to them.

Why is it so important to me to stop taking it all so personally?

I’ve learned that when I take things personally I tacitly agree to tie my sense of self-worth to the results of my work.

When my work fails, I end up feeling like a failure. When my work succeeds, I get to feel like a success. That’s a rollercoaster that I don’t want to ride anymore.

I know that my sense of self-worth isn’t determined by anyone or anything other than myself. This year of experimentation is giving me an opportunity to live that value.

My worth comes from me.

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