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My Gratitude Practice

For the past 21 Days, I’ve been guiding a special group of women through an Accountability Journey. We worked on creating morning self-care routines and then sticking to them in a supportive and flexible way. One practice that stuck out to me as incredibly simple AND incredibly powerful was gratitude. After just one week of gratitude, I saw massive mindset shifts within our group. For example, instead of being frustrated by being woken up early one woman was able to shift that into an opportunity to connect with her partner in the morning. It also helped many women shift from a mindset of self-judgement to self-acceptance. And honestly, all it takes is 60 seconds of gratitude. If spending 60 seconds a day on a practice could change your life would you do it? I hope so!! I know I would. So, here’s a video with my PERSONAL gratitude practice. I’ve also listed 6 different ways you can start a gratitude practice here. Does one of them speak to you? Let me know!

1. The Amazingly Awesome Morning Practice (see video)

2. Partner Gratitude (see video)

3. Social Media Practice (see video)

4. Family Gratitude Practice. Go around the dinner table with your kids and have each person share a few things they are grateful for. You can also make this a bedtime ritual to help your little ones have sweet dreams

5. Gratitude Journal. Find a new notebook and dedicate it to your gratitude practice. Each day, find time to write a list of things you are grateful for in your life. This practice is a little more personal and private. Remember, there’s no wrong way to practice gratitude. There’s only your way

6. Gratitude Notes. Make time each week to send a note of gratitude to someone you appreciate. It can be a text message, Facebook message or even a hand-written card. Practice spreading gratitude and watch the blessings multiply in your life!

Does one of these practices speak to you? Make sure to let me know! Shoot me an email at

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